Monday, 30 June 2014

A bridal shower :)

Well I'm back after a long weekend!On friday I baked loads for the bridal shower I made mini cookies,mini plain scones,mini strawberry and pepper scones (wierd combo but found the recipe online and was nice but they were a bit dense as i think they needed more raising agent)and a victoria sponge.That evening me and my sister decorated the house for my sisters bridal shower we were up until midnight and it looked great when we were done :)
We had a great time on saturday all the games went as planned and the food was delicious.My mum made all the sandwiches,salmon and cream cheese,egg saladand ham and salad.One of our guests Carol brought some egg sandwiches to.My sister Lydia made the meringues and we had the chocolate cake made well in advance and we defrosted it from the freezer.Here is a picture of all the food!

This picture below shows a bit of our decorating but not all of it :) we made the chains on the walls to.

 I won't post any pictures of the games as we dressed my sister Hannah,the bride to be, up in loads of stuff.Shes leaving in a couple of weeks as she is getting married in England we will follow a week after.I can't wait for the wedding! and cant believe how quick it has come :)There will be many pictures posted of the wedding as Im one of the bridesmaids :)

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