Thursday, 26 June 2014

For The Guys!-protein shakes and weight lifting advice!

I've had some feedback that my blog is really girly...and yeah it kind of is so I decided to do a monthly "For the guys!" post.As i'm writing this I have no clue what I'm going to write about...maybe that's a good thing I don't know :P This may take a while to write..and may stay in m draft box for some time....
Anyway lets start guys! Many men (and boys!) like body building right?..or trying to body build.Most lift weights and work out and take numerous protein supplements and drinks which aren't always as good for your body as the packet makes out.Id suggest one whey protein powder drink a day at the least for a man and for a young boy I wouldn't advise.To the point! I recently found how to make natural protein drinks and am going to put up a recipe...for the guys (and girls!)And then we'll get on to the exercise part!
1/3 cup milk
1/4 cup of fat free natural yogurt (flavoured or plain)
1 tblsp ground flaxseed ( source of protein)
2 tblsp oats (source of protein)
1 tblsp fat free cottage cheese (protein source)
1/2 banana
1/2 tsp of honey

1.put all ingredients into your blender and blend if you have a hand blender simply put them into a jug and blend (extremely simple guys no excuses!)

Now for the workout as obviously you cant expect to be extremely fit form drinking a protein drink!

6 tips for weight lifting!
1.Have a plan-
Why do most people fail? They do not set goals and write out detailed plans on how they will attain the goals that they set for themselves. You can go to the bookstore and pick up numerous books on how to train and they all say something different.
So which one is correct? They all are! Everything works just not forever. This is where planning comes in.Change up your routine each day this way you are challenging your body.
2.Keep a journal-
By keeping an accurate journal you will guarantee that you are making progress, and if you are not then the journal itself will have the answers to why you are not making progress.
The journal is the " facts" of your training and it cannot lie to you unless you write down the information incorrectly! It is pretty simple... if last week you did 100lbs for 8 reps then this week you either need to do 9 reps or up the weight by 1-5 pounds. I know it sounds too simple, but if you do this long enough you will attain whatever goals you set for yourself. (Set realistic goals)
3.Big movements-Concentrate on doing the big multi joint movements like:Squats Deadlifts Bench press,Shoulder press,Chin ups,Dips,Rows,Curls,Situps (yes I did say sit ups!) Calf raises. Single joint movements are great at isolating a specific muscle group.
4.Rest between sets
5.Good nutrition after workouts!-This is vital you need protein after a workot this play a big part in toning ect.You need your vegtables with iron and vitamins.Don't think because you workout you can get away with eating junk it wont only destroy your body but your appearance also (skin ect..)So try the protein shake recipe for a post workout snack to load up on heathly nutrients and protein and then have a healhty filling lunch (I'll be posting healthy lunches and snacks and so will my special guest later!)
6.Take time off-This helps regain energy physically and mentally and gives you time to do other things.It also helps your body to recover and get stronger as you continue to challenege it after these breaks.
So there you go my advice and tips for guys there will be another "For The Guys!" post mid july if I can,but I expect feedback and more guy followers,comment below and please give me ideas for my next post! :)


  1. This "For the Guys" post idea is really good! Guys, like my own bf, can get too caught up in getting buff and forget to eat other things besides a million protein shakes. You should make a little sample meal plan for a week or even a few days of meal that naturally are high in protein but still contain the nutrients that guys (and ladies) need! Once again, great post!

    1. thanks kyla! congrats your my first comment hah :) yea guuys defo sometimes forget about nutrition :) x

  2. oh and thanks for teh meal idea will definately do :)