Monday, 30 June 2014

For the guys-T25 Focus and Healthy filling lunch ideas

It took me some time to think of what to write about for my next for the guys post but then I th0ught T25 Focus! You are probably all thinking what is that? So Im going to tell you.Its a cardio video with no mercy it pushes you to the limit and makes feel like dying...honestly,but thats why its so great.If you even see my pop pilates section (no its not just for girls and if you feel slightly unmanly doing it to Cassey Hos videos there are loads of men who do it on youtube to) its hard its not easy but its not suppose to be.Below is the link of where to buy his videos the one below is just the core one but its a great place to start the rest are crazily expensive!-
He basically does intense cardio with you but cardio that tones so basically you are burning fat and toning at the same time (no its not for fat people :P)
Anyway onto the healthy lunch ideas,most guys hear the word healthy and think of rabbit food or food that doesn't fill you but I want to give you ideas that will fill you and benefit you.That don't only taste good but fuel you through workout routines and the regular work days.The list below can be changed I'm just giving good combination Ideas but you cna change if you dont like certain things.
1.Egg sandwich,banana and a low fat yogurt
(egg has protein and will help with any toning excercises you are doing in the gym,there are greads you can get that have a lot of protein irish pride for example has 3.5 per slice.The banana gives you a quick burst of energy and the yogurt also give protein and keep you full)
2.A salad and chicken wrap and an apple (the chicken has protein,the wrap is filling and the applehas natural benefits and vitamins)
3.tuna and sweetcorn wrap and a banana (tuna is another protein source and the banana again gives a quick energy burst)
4.A potatoe salad and a low fat yogurt (the potaoe salad gives a change from the regular sandwich or wrap and is portable in a container)
5.a pasta salad and banana-Cook the ammount of pasta you need mix with chopped raw pepper,sweetcorn (or other vegtables) and mix with mayo and salt and pepper.(you can make this pasta at the start of the week and use through out the week)
Now there are no excuses for unhealthy lunches.These things are quick and can be made the night before or in advance.They benefit you through workout routines and keep you fueled through out the day so dont abuse food use it to benefit you! :)


  1. Hi Lucy, Danielle from the nOATbook popping over at your invitation. Congratulations on starting a blog, you have some great ideas for healthy lunch ideas. You asked for any feedback, and I think photos of your yummy food ideas would be a great way to make your posts pop. Even photos taken on a smart phone can look great. The T25 workouts sound great too.

  2. thanks for reading Danielle :) yes this post defo needs some pictures I didn't realise that I didn't add :) come again soon!