Friday, 27 June 2014

Hey Guys! This is just a quick post to thank my special appearance today she was awesome :) Her pictures were great to.I also want to ask you readers to follow my blog if you scroll down there is a box below where you can follow by email and on the left there is a way to follow me to! :) I also want to thank Kyla who gave me my first comment pleae check out her blog at  and follow her and comment also :)
I started back running yesterday morning and I wont lie it was hard my knee pain didnt bother me that much but even the 4 day break from running and just walking made me struggle when i got back to runnign again!but remember the above quote teh only bad workout is teh oen that didnt happen :)Which is why I advice if you dont have an injury take a one day break at that most as otherwise you will find it difficult to start back.Im still taking it easy and am going to fast walk for the next few days.My pop pilates went well and I felt so good afterwards :) remember to go to my pop pilates page and start trying teh routines,if you have nay questions ask below and I'll reply I promise :)
I was really busy today preparing food for my sisters bridal shower tomorow and getting all the games sorted :) There will be many upcoming recipes-mini cookies and victoria sponge.Also the other day I made a weight watchers curry which was delicious,it will feature in my weight loss series!Anyway thats it really there wont be posts for a couple of days now but there will be a great post with pictures from the bridal shower later on next week!Cant wait :) Love Lucy xox

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