Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Weight Loss and obesity-part 1 Portion sizes

I said in my last post I was thinking of doing a series of posts on weight loss and here is my first one.I wanted to start on something people mightn't think of as a huge part of obesity,portion sizes.Its not only about the items on the plate but the size of the portion.Below is how much of everything should be on your plate,half vegetables,quarter starch which can be pasta.rice or potatoes ect.Then quarter protein which can be fish or meat or meat substitutes.
People who are wanting to loose weight should reduce starch and eat more of the vegtables thus reducing calories and fat.Below is an example of a bad portion size as you can see the starch part of the plate is way to much and the vegtable side is way to little.

Though this stuff to many readers may seem very simple to many readers I know many people who don't understand that its not only what you eat but how much you eat.I assure you eat correct portions of starch,protein and vegtables that you will not only lose weight and be healthier but you will still be full :) Try it and see for yourself! All the best Love Lucy xox

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