Wednesday, 25 June 2014

wiaw and shopping

Today has been a long day and I've done a lot of walking ;) So anyway lets get this wiaw started its my first and I  hope it goes well :) We had to leave my house early because my mum had an appointment so a I had my overnight oats in the car on the way it had strawberries from my garden and ground flaxseed for protein!
By 1 o'clock me and my sister Lydia had walked so far and had bought some really nice stuff.As many people in Ireland know when you are out in Ireland unless you pack stuff its hard to eat heathy but thankfully I was near a boots store so picked up some shaper snacks :) They are a brand of low calorie and low fat snacks.I got chive and onion crisps which were on offer for only 30 cents! and a blueberry nougat bar (which believe it or not it only had 71 calories!) It was just enough to hold me up until for lunch and I wasn't sure if I'd be home to get my usual healthy lunch so I wanted to keep myself going in a healthy way :)
(i pictured these but by accident i deleted the picture from my blog sorry!)
By half 2 I was so hungry and we had went o a shop that was right near fast food places so I didn't have much options when my mum sent me over to get myself some lunch.In America you have salad bars we have kebab shops and numerous fast food shops.So I went to KFC and ordered a snack box.You are probably thinking WHAT?! but believe me this happens at the least twice a year and I had to let go of my clean eating habits for a little bit.The lady behind the counter was really nice but gave me a huge portion way bigger than what they usually give and the picture below is my box with a handful already taken out onto my napkin!
(again i deleted this picture of my blog so sorry!)
The sad thing about fast food places is they don't offer healthy options and most of the people who go don't go for a once off.It encourages obesity as the food is sooo cheap.Im thinking about doing a series of posts about weight loss and obesity in general but its only an idea let me know what you think below! :) When I got home I didn't really want dinner so I made myself a fruit salad instead,with melon,cherries,strawberries and some ground flaxseed.I took a photo before I added the flaxseed.
I'm baby sitting my brother and he wanted pop corn so I had a little to :) In a really cute tub ;)
I got some really nice running clothes when shopping and my mum got me a jacket,running jumper (the purple one,it was on offer for a fiver!) and shoes to but I didn't photograph all the stuff :)

 I hope you liked my first wiaw please comment below would love some feedback :)

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