Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Wimbleton and an upcoming #wiaw

Im starting to really love blogging! Im  so glad theyoopergirl.com encouraged me to set one up :) Thank you! Im really looking forward to tomorow as it will be my first link up to #WIAW (what I ate wednesday :)) and a big thanks to www.thehungryhealthygirl.com for explaining how to link up to it :) check out her blog its great.Im starting to get the hang of blogging now and im just trying to get my blog out there so people can enjoy it just as I enjoy so many blogs.If you are reading please follow and if you are in a different country I added a translator below if it makes it easier to read my blog I appreciate all readers near or far ;)

I dont have many plans today at the minute im watching klizan vs Nadal playing in wimbleton and I'm starting to get the hang of the rules :) I couldnt help laughing at Nadal face on the left hehe. Im planning on mowing the lawn after posting this and then im going to make dinner (if i create something yummy you'll hear of it soon!) then im goign to walk Maisy,my dog, and do some T25 (cardio videos,check them ou they are great).Tomorow im going shopping! cant wait me and my sister Lydia have to pick up some bits for my sister Hannah's (bride to be <3) bridal shower.Then I'll post #WIAW tomorow,at teh minute posts are very frequent they wont alaways be but because I've only just started I'm making all the changes I need to and adding in the things I always wanted on my new blog :) Better go mow the lawn! Have a good day :)

Any of you guys watching wimbleton?

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