Monday, 7 July 2014

A great week :)

Im back! I havent done a post in ages I've been in lahinch staying with my third american cousins coco and fiona and their parents and grandparents.They are here on holiday so on wednesday and thursday I stayed with them and saturday I was in dublin with them too.Well anyway wednesday evening we went down to spanish point the waves were amazing and me and fiona went down to the rocks to get some good pictures.

We had a late night and a really early morning (6 o'clock!) to head of for Blarney castle.

The gardens there were amazing and we got loads of nice photos!Below is the wildflower field <3

Then the lake and the cottage :)

I didnt get any of cobh or dublin as I totally forgot as I was having so much fun :) Ive had so many great eats but no photos.On wednesday we ate at a little cafe/restaurant I think it was calley Joey's or Joe's in Lahinch I had a deerstalker pie with salad it was soooo good.I recommend it highly.Then me,fiona and coco got moody cows.There this milkshake place where you choose different candy's or chocolate and they put them in a smoothie for you I had a moro one it was really good.On thursday we went to a place called waters gate in cobh and i had a red thai prawn curry and banoffee pie (so good!)Saturday we went to an amazing italian place i had garlic prawns and an italian risotto!I had a great time and look forward to seeing them all again tomorow :) More photos on the way

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