Thursday, 24 July 2014

holiday heat wave fun

Theres a serious heat wave its been like 31C  during the day!Anyway I'll give a quick update on what ive been up to.I ran monday,tuesday and wednesday,today was to hot!I've been doing a lot of walking through the streets to.Bought some cherries this morning,me √§nd my brother went through the town.

I also took loads of photos of my mum and brother.My  mum took some of me too! and my brother took the one blow this one :)

On tuesday we went to the beach.I swam and sunbathed.I had loads of sun screen on but still got burnt.Its sore :( The beach was awesome though!

Overall this place is amazing!They have such variety in the shops and great low low or weightbwatchers ready meals that are quick to cook after a long day.I also got a sweet potatoe make chips ;) every food bloggers dream haha.

And ill leave you with a picture of the bright blue sky on the way to westward ho beach :)My dad arrive saturday and were invited to a bbq that evening,will take loads of pictures!Going shopping tomorow!
Ever been to devon?
Whats the weather like where you live?


  1. Ah it's gorgeous! I absolutely adore the beach. I've been spending lots of time at the beach lately, and I can't seem to get enough! I hope you're having a blast xx

    1. its gorgeous and i am having a blast thank you x