Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A late #wiaw :)

Im finally posting! I missed a wiaw again and know I wont be able to post again tomorrow so here it is! I'll link it up tomorrow :)This is my eats from last Wednesday.
What I Ate Wednesday: Fun Food & Fitness
I did a morning run and post run pop pilates so I wanted my post workout breakfast to be filling and protein full.Usually after excercising I don't eat much till lunch but since I knew I'd be excercising again I wanted fuel food.So it was quick oats with flaxseed,desicated coconut,stewed fruit and lots of seeds.Yum!
After my breakfast I was weeding the garden so by lunch I was really hungry!
We had my third American cousins over on the Tuesday so we had leftovers here was my lunch :)
I had ham and bbq sauce on wholemeal soda bread,a chicken leg and salad.
then my mum gave me cake :) I couldn't refuse.Besides it was a fatless sponge with fruit ;)

After lunch I carried on weeding and then went on a evening run.Everyone was just having leftovers and helping themselves for dinner and by the time I got back the meat was all gone :P So I went veggie for dinner and had banana and cream cheese on wholemeal soda bread.It was a first believe me.Then I went out to prayer meeting!

Overall it was a good day with plenty of fitness and food :)
Whats your favourite post run or excercise food?

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