Friday, 25 July 2014

shout out and shopping :)

This is just a quick post to my readers! (one in paticular ;)) Please check out this here stuff is amazing! Thanks for all your nice comments Katherine :)The tempersture seems to be climbing its soo hot I'm just back from town to run an errand for my mum.Me and my mum went shopping in the town i got this purse!

its adorable right!? Me and my mum shared a fruit pankcake at a bakery it looked so good i didnt even take a photo.It was soo nice :)Anyway better go make my mum a coffee and me!Im obsessed with this right now my sisters fiance is soooo blessed ;) 

Should I try an ice coffee? anyone had one before and if so what was it like? xx


  1. Ah you're so cute for giving me a shout out! I love reading your blog, so it's no problem! I love your new purse. It's adorable. I'm not a big coffee person, I prefer tea, but I have had iced coffee that tastes really nice! You should try it ! xx

  2. aww thanks katherine so glad you enjoy my blog :) have you tried any of my recipes yet? mmm i might try an ice coffee xx

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