Monday, 7 July 2014

some of last weeks eats :)

Anyway i missed wiaw# so I thought instead I could post some random photos I took of some of last weeks eats :)
Below is bbq chicken with salad with low fat caeser salad dressing and boiled potatoes with bbq sauce yum!

Next is fridays dinner homemade pizza with salad and strawberries :)

And here is a green smoothies I made ages ago I highly recommend they are really easy just make a regular healthy smoothie and add fresh spinach leaves in its really high in iron and protein :) and looks pretty to ;)

Tomorow were having my american cousins over to dinner so I'll post some more pictures of eats if I get the time.To be honest I liked taking a break from blogging its hard when you start of and you arent getting feedback or comments to keep going so it gave me new things to talk about having a busy days with no posts :)

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