Tuesday, 22 July 2014

We arrived :)

We made it to england!after a really hard journey.We got two flat tires in south wales which is very very far from devon.A things of a lorry fell of,another mans tire went to.Anyway we had to wait outside a garage after being towed and helped by the police.We waited from 5am and eventually it opened and we got it fixed.Me,my bro and mum traveled for 21 hours i only got 2 hours of sleep and my poor mum got none.My brother got a good bit.Anyway it all ended happily below is where my sister and her fiance,sam,will be living when they get married.Were staying here now and its great.I advise bideford for holiday trips!

Now ill leave you with this,this is me and my brother on the ferry :) As they say here tarra for now!;)     
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  1. Have fun in England! We had a flat last weekend during our vacation, and it was absolutely horrid. Hopefully you guys can get some sleep and have a lovely vacation xx

  2. aww where did you go? thanks I'm having a great time its zoo hot :) x