Friday, 10 October 2014

im back!..just a quick update

I have a confession to make Ive missed blogging so much! I thought with going back to school that I wouldn't have the time but I hit the undelete button and Im back doing what I love.I started school and Im loving it!I've made great new friends.I also started at an athletics club and its amazing my trainer is speed training me which I love!I've been doing a lot more running and enjoy it so much :)

As you can see I run in all weather.On Monday I had training and it was pouring down as usual here in Ireland (don't let the summer pictures deceive you!) and there was lightning and thunder and we all still trained.I cant decide if that was pure craziness or commitment.....Ill let you decide!I've also done some baking..introducing the cinnamon buns! (the icing came later ;)

They were so good!Anyone ever had cinnabon? if  I ever go to America I really want to try them!!!Sorry that the pictures are small!Im just getting back into blogging...may take a while! :P I'll be looking for new things you'd like to see on this blog.Whether its working out or knowing what to eat I'd love to help you out!I'll be getting back into doing my series on weight loss which I hope you will find helpful.Also I'll be linking up for WIAW again which I love doing!Thats all for now and I hope I'll have many readers and commenters again! Love Lucy xox

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