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Hi and welcome to my blog! Im Lucy and I live in Limerick in Ireland in the country side.I live with my parents,two sisters and brother.I also have a dog and a cat and I love them so much.We also have chickens :) Maisy,shes a border collie and Missy my adorable cat.On the left is teddy who we had for a short time loved him so much :)
I love the Lord and seek in all things to bring all the honour and glory to his name.I am saved by His grace alone and by nothing in myself.I pray that many people even my readers may come to know Him as their Lord and saviour also!
I started excercising in the summer of 2013 we had a heat wave so I started to run and couldnt stop.A few months later I was still running and started to do pop pilates using youtube videos and weight lifting using our machine at home.I also started using food as fuel rather than just eating whatever.In the winter it would get dark very early and because I would finsih school late there was little time for running outside so I used the cross trainer all through out the summer and pop pilates and wieght lifting also.I went back to running outside once winter ended.I loved cross training but I wont substitute runnning with it again I love to run and will now run in any weather :)I also started doing early morning runs its sometimes tough to get up in the mornings and when I dont the runs still happen just in teh evening.I've learnt to push myself for one instance i was getting ready to sit down in my pj's and have  night in and was going to skip my run but put on my running clothes instead knowing that when I was on the road nothing could stop me.Try it!I run not to loose weight or to be seen by other people I do it because I love it.Running is mental just as much as it is physical so my mindset changed a lot through it.I havent yet run in any orgainsed runs and im part of no club but my goal is to start doing them.
I also love to cook and bake whether its cakes or dinner or my favourite breakfast overnight oats!I also can make sweets which is really fun.I hope you enjoy the many recipes and posts on this blog.I love following blogs and here are two of my favourites that encouraged me to start my own!-theyoopergirl.com and simplytaralynn.com.Enjoy!
Love Lucy xox                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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