Pop pilates

Hey there! :) I love pop pilates and I love getting other people to become popsters to! People always ask me "whats pop pilates?" and though in my head i say "What?! you dont know what it is" I explain that its a fun way of toning muscles.I do pop pilates for free no car drives to classes no payment each week.I use Cassey Ho's videos on youtube nad believe me they are amazing!Basically in this post im going to give you guys a link to my favourite videos one for each body part.So here goes! :D
Booty (yes Cassey Ho calls it that!)-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7cylyuk84o

Now for those people who say "I dont have the time!" here are some short videos really short most are only 5minutes long.So no excuses you can do this it take dedication and sometimes it hurts (well more than sometimes) but thats all good and make this your motto-Sore today Strong tomorow!oooh and get this amazing tank on blogilates.com!!! <3

Now you are all set I've foundn you the videos the long and the shorts.So go for it! Do say oh I'll start monday or tomorow no day is better than today.A good plan would be to do a body part for each day of teh week and then have a break Saturday and Sunday as even though its extremely important to excercise that glute it also important to rest it.So do this and if you have nay questions comment below I love hearing about beginners and giving advice when i can :) So get on yoru mat or blanket or towel (whatever is nearest to you!) and start! :) LOve Lucy xox

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