Beginners Running Schedule

This is a brilliant way to get started and its what I did and it really works.Sometimes you'll want o spend more than a week on some of the combinations depending on how fit you are.I'd advise not to jump into this without dedication as skipping a week means that your schedule is all off.Good Luck!

Week 1:Walk fast 4min walk slow 11min repeat 4 times
Week 2:Run 1 min walk 3mins.Repeat 5 times
Week 3;Run 1 min walk 2min Repeat 7 times.
Week 4:Run 1 min walk 1 min.Repeat 10 times.
Week 5:Run 2mins walk 1min.Repeat 7 times
Week 6:Run 3mins walk 1min.Repeat 5 times
Week 7:Run 4mins,walk 1min.Repeat 4 times
Week 8:Run 6mins walk 1min.Repeat 3 times
Week 9:Run 9mins,walk 1min.Repeat 2 times.
Week 10:Run 12mins walk 1min.Then run 7mins.
Week 11:Run 15min walk 1min.Then run 4mins.
Week 12:Run 20mins then do a happy dance :D


1.Run like you are running on thin ice this stops shin splints and things like knee pain or runners knee
2.Dont over pronate (this means directing all the force in one part of your foot make sure it is even),this happened to me and cause bad knee pain.One way of seeing if you do this is looking inside your running shoes and seeing if the sole in wearing away.
3.Drink lots.When running you are usually sweatignn this means your body is loosing liquid which means you need to keep drinking.
4.Wear appropriate clothing in the heat and when its cold.
5.Get good suitable running shoes
6.Enjoy yourself even when you aren't competing its an amazing thing to do.Dont do it for show and don't be discouraged by others do it because you love it! :)

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